Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grocery store adventures

Today as I was preparing to do laundry I realized something. Something I was missing. Something important. Can you guess what it was?
Laundry soap.
Thankfully, one of my roommates was kind enough to share hers with me. I used it, but I was determined to get laundry soap so it would never happen again. I was told one of my roomies was going to the grocery store just off campus and at the other end. I asked her if I could go with and then off we went to start our adventure for the day!
We rode the bus (I hate busses, by the way) to the grocery store. After going through the whole store I managed to avoid buying any sweets and didn't buy too much. Now done with our shopping we proceeded back to the bus stop and waited, enjoying a delightful conversation.
Well, once on the bus I noticed by bag was dripping. Wincing, I opened the bag and revealed that my windex lid had loosened. And leaked all over everything. I took my wallet out and left the rest because I didn't have the hands to hold it. And, yes, I tightened the lid.
And THEN I looked around and noticed that my sunglasses looked kind of funny.
They were broken.
One of the ear side pieces had broken off. Don't ask me how.
I find it a little ironic, because that's how my last pair broke. I wonder if it was even the same side? I have no idea.
So, I walked back to our apartment, trying to not be too angry. (I wasn't doing a very good job.)
This story does have a good ending, I promise.
Nothing was ruined, not even the usb stick on my keys. And I still have plenty of windex left, I didn't lose as much as I imagined.
The moral of this story: annoying things make good blog posts.
And I saved money going to this further grocery store, even with paying for the bus.
(And I got syrup for my french toast. YUM!)
Ah the joys of college.

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