Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seminary Graduation

So, I graduate from seminary today. The next step will be religion classes at BYU, starting in the fall. It's crazy to think about. I'm not nervous at all for the graduation part. But... I am nervous for playing the piano. Yep, they asked me to play the opening and closing song. I said of course, even though I was whimpering in fear down inside. I haven't played seriously for about a year, and I had only one week to prepare.
Wish me luck.
The good thing about accompaning is that if you mess up less people notice. Now lets just hope I don't screw up the introduction. And I'm curious about the prelude. I'm going to be busy getting the run down of how everything works, so who will play prelude? It's a mystery that I hope will one day (or in a few minutes) be solved.
It's crazy to think about graduating. High school graduation is in less than 20 days. Its scary! Exciting too, but scary.
The sun has officially decided to come out and stay out. I'm very glad, because I was getting tired of the rain. April showers really did bring May flowers. It just waited until the last few weeks of May to do so. But it was pretty amazing. Everything bloomed all at once, including the trees. They were all so ankious to start growing they gained full leaves almost over night. It made me very happy. Can't you tell? ;D


  1. Yay for seminary graduation! I'm sure you played beautifully.

  2. Wow, Awesome! :) congratulations!

    goodluck on your next milestones in life!