Thursday, May 20, 2010

You can end now......

Ok, school should end. Like tomorrow. I feel like I'm not doing anything in school anymore. Last night for mutual we went and planted trees at the U of I. Lucky for us a storm rolled in and we got pelted. The wind was very strong and we were very soaked. We went back to the church for popsicles. Figures. In my licensed state I have driven to school 2 times this week. It is soooo nice, it makes me wish I had a car of my own. But nope, I'm being good and saving up for college only. No car for me. Unless a decent car shows up that's extremely cheep. Yeah, right. I finished my book tonight, but I need to type up the last two chapters or so. I should be doing that right now but I just wrote for an hour or so, so for the moment I'm done. I can't wait for summer!!!!

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