Sunday, May 4, 2008

Well, the softball season if over. And we won only two games all season. :( boo. oh well. I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. I'm actually pretty proud of my self. This was my first season and I ended it as a starter. I really learned a lot.
School is almost out, and I am sooo excited!! This summer I'm going to EFY so I can see a few of my friends from Colorado. And the day after I get back I have girls camp! I'm really glad I have something to do this summer. I just hope I can stay busy.
This summer my dad is (hopefully) going to take me out and start teaching me how to drive. I'm really excited and a little apprehensive. Its kinda weird because in Idaho we are allowed to learn how to drive sooner than in most states. So I'm learning how to drive sooner than my friends in CO, but later than most of my friends here because I'm a few months younger. I'm really curious as to what car I'll be learning how to drive in. There's a problem with both. The problem with our minivan is its a mess and if I end up totaling it we have no way tp go places as a family. And the problem with our other car is my dad drives it to work and it's pretty new, so the parentals don't want me driving that. Well my parents are going to have to decide which car soon!!

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