Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well, my coach gave me a candy bar for my bruise. I forgot when I was typing my last blog entry, but she said that if I got a bruise she would give me a candy bar. It was a very yummy Butterfingers. The green is finally starting to show. The grass is green and a few flowers have bloomed. But only a few trees are getting blooms. I think we don't really have a Spring here, but that it goes straight to summer. We had stake conference today, and that was really good. The Stake Presidents talk was really good. He's a doctor, and he really incorporated that into his talk.
We are doing our standarized testing this week in school. Because of this the school is trying a new schedule. I really like it and its a lot like my old schedule in Colorado. We have our first class of the day every day for 70 minutes, then our other classes every other day for 90. We have one lunch period instead of two, and don't have to be in the cafeteria. We can also be in certain classrooms to do home work or the gym. They have half of the bleachers set up where you can eat and talk. Me and a friend of mine often just sit there and eat our home lunches instead of going into the cafeteria. It gets very loud and crowded and hot in there.
I can't wait for this summer. I'm saving up for a lot of books. And I'm hoping to get a job. To help pass the time and to earn money for college, clothes and other important things. The most likley job I'll get is a newspaper route


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  2. Kelsey, HI! It's Melissa. I love your blog; it's so fun! I hope you don't mind me commenting. You can check out mine anytime--thedespaingang. Hope you have a great day and Love ya lots.
    PS: I can't wait for summer either!
    PSS: You should join and add me to your "friends" list so I can see what great books you've enjoyed reading and why. :)