Wednesday, May 7, 2008

School is almost out, and I'm sooo excited!! I can't wait for summer! I really want to be able to sleep in and not have to be ready by 7 for seminary. I want to read and read and read, and then eat some yummy treats!! I am really looking forward to Icee's and Popsicles. The only bad thing about summer is that we have no air conditioning. We had a guy come look and see how much it would cost to put in air conditioning. Yeah, it would cost a LOT because he would have had to punch a lot of holes to get the wires and pipes and all that junk to wherever it needed to go. So yeah, that was a no. It just means I have to be really good about when I open my window. I've figured, from the way my room is facing, that I'll keep it open all night (of course) and then until I wake up. Then I'll shut it till about dinner time, when the sun isn't beating in on my room anymore and it starts cooling down. I hope my plan works, because I have a really hard time falling asleep in a room thats too hot. Last summer I was way too hot and could never fall asleep until about 11. It was miserable. Cause I have to have some sort of blanket on, even if its just a really thin sheet. But with out it I get really uncomfortable. Well that sheet started feeling like a wool blanket, so I would take it off. Then I would get uncomfortable and so on.. Yeah. Not all that great. Hopefully this year won't be as bad. Hopefully. If it is I'll just have to sleep on the floor or out side.
But right now its really nice out side. The flowers are finally blooming and its green!!! I planted some flowers in a little area by my window and I can't wait till they bloom. I don't know what kind they are, but the should bloom soon. I hope my tulips bloom. I planted some last fall and they have a green stem and stuff, but they just haven't bloomed yet.
We have a plum tree and a peach tree in our backyard. I'm soo excited for the fruit that we will get. I'm just not excited for picking them off the tree and the fruit off the ground. Yuck. Last year it was really gross because sometimes someone would step on a plum and then it get a smuched and sticky. We had to pick them all up because we have a lot of wasps here, and the fruit attracts them. They come whether we pick the fruit up or not, but I guess there's less. And who wants their back yard to smell like rotting plums?

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  1. Yeah I'm excited for summer too! I love to be outside in the sunshine. I'm in a walking group in my neighborhood and love it! It's so nice to get outside.

    I too can't sleep when it is really hot. Your description of your sleeping habits made me think of my own, and we're the same! I need something always on my shoulders (I like to sleep on my side or stomach). In the winter, I need the sheet, blanket, & comforter. In the summer, it's a different story. Just as you explained I need something but then feel like even a sheet can be too hot. I hope the window opening and closing works well for you this summer. We have A/C but don't like to run it until it's necessary because it's expensive. I guess we'll just have to survive the heat at night as best we can. :)