Friday, July 25, 2008

Las Vegas

Hey, right now I'm in Las Vegas with a few friends from Las Vegas. We went swimming yesterday and plan on going again today. Its kinda weird because I normally don't like swimming, but its nice when its this hot and my friend has a pool in her backyard. My friend Brittani is sooo tan from just two days in the pool. It makes me kinda jealous. :)
I got a cell phone, which is soo cool!!! It has limited minutes and no texting by my parents orders, but I still have a phone! It a really nice silver flip phone. The only thing I don't like is that we have at&t when all my friends have verison. If I had verison I could call them for free which would be so awesome!!!!!! But something is better than nothing. I am planning on getting a ton of pictures and putting some on here. Later!


  1. Yeah congrats on getting a cell phone! I too wish you had Verizon instead of AT&T because then you could talk to me for free and I could talk to your mom for free! :) You'll have to convince her; just kidding. Have a great time in Las Vegas; friends help the world go 'round!

  2. I have been awaiting the fabulous details of your EFY/Las Vegas trip and have yet to received any news. Please don't tell me that I have to give up on you. That would be sad. Hope you guys are having an enjoyable trip visiting your family. Sorry to hear about your uncle.

  3. wait.. you had a cell phone before?? why didn't you tell me!?!? LOL... so what happened to it?? did you break it?? couldnt pay the bill??? what! hehe