Sunday, July 13, 2008

EFY here I come!!

Its crazy how time passes when your having fun. EFY is less than a month away! I still have a lot to do so it feels weird that its so close. I'm wanting to get my hair cut before I go. My hair is kinda damaged so I would like to get the dead and split ends cut off before it gets any worse. And I need some jean capris so I actually have something to wear at EFY. I have lots of shorts (all equall or lower than my knees of course) but I don't think I can wear them to EFY. i have to check that, but I would still like to have a pair of capris I can wear with everything. And I am thinking about getting an iPod for the plane ride. And other things too. :) We had Grandma and Grandpa Weber stop by and say hi on there way to Canada. It was really nice to see them. Here are some pictures from when we went boating with Craig's family. The one of Ty in a blanket was last week. We were playing chase with a different name (ghost) and he was the "ghost". It was so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture and putting it on here.


  1. I think that next year you should come to EFY in Hawaii!!!! It just finished up here this week.


    Your favorite Aunt Cynthia

  2. Love the pictures of Tyler and Nathan. Your swimsuit looks so cute! Have a great time at EFY!

  3. Yay! I didn't know you had a I can keep in touch! Sure miss you guys!
    ~Kristi Thompson