Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving break

I love Turkey day. I love all the food and being able to spend time with family. We had Lora and Ian and their cute little girl and Grandpa and Grandma Weber. For dinner we had a lady in our ward who was by herself and dads teaching aid too. It was very crowded. I ended up sitting at the little kid table because of all the adults.
Today we went shopping and I got the most amazing brown hat. I almost got a blue one instead, but mom convinced me to get the brown one. We also went ice skating. That was lots of fun. The skates that I rented were really poor quality so my feet were killing me, but thats almost part of the fun. I can't wait for Christmas!

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  1. Sounds so fun! I'm so jealous you were able to have so much fun with family yesterday and Thursday. You're brave to go shopping on black Friday! :) Jer and I got our family, live Christmas tree yesterday and decorated it and the house. I love this time of year, can't get better than family and traditions and love! :) Glad you had such a great day, eating yummy food and enjoying the company of loved ones.