Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finals lead to Christmas.

Even though my background doesn't match the whole clouds theme, I really like it. And honestly, I'm not a huge fan of my blog title anymore. But I'm awful at coming up with titles. All you have to do is look at my URL to see what I mean. I came up with it when I was 12.
There had been pretty much no snow here, and I'm honestly ready for some at this point. I'm surprised too. Partially this is because I can tell this is going to be a very cold and dry winter. And I want to see my Hawaiian and Californian friends experience real snow, not this junky frost stuff.
I should be studying for finals right now. But I was really good last night and I've made quite a few flash cards today. Even though I am not ready, I wish I could take my finals right now and get them over with. The preparation is killing me. I finally have lots of fantastic friends and I can't go hang out, we're all slaving away, forcing our brains to retain as much information as it can for at least one week. Then we will forget most of it, especially the things we just know we'll NEVER use again. I have lots of information like this. But next semester my two drawing classes will be extremely important and actually fun. Wish me luck!
And wish for snow, but only the good, fun, snowman kind. We have to make a snowman this year, its on our apartment bucket list. I'm a little worried we'll never get enough snow, we definitely won't before we leave for Christmas.
Isn't Christmas such a wonderful holiday? We get to celebrate the birth of the greatest person to ever walk on this earth. Jesus Christ did more for us than we can ever even imagine. And isn't it wonderful to know that He knows and cares for us individually? I have felt His love for me as I've prayed lately for help with finals and other things. I am very confident that He is watching out for me and concerned about the little details in my life, even finals.


  1. I like seeing your blog posts. I'm glad you have many friends that you feel you can hang out with. That makes like easier and a lot more fun. mom

  2. I LOVE your new background! Awesome! I think of you often. I'm so sorry I'm such a lamo and haven't made it down to Provo to see you or pick you up and whisk you off to my house for some R&R. I will do better. Winter Semester--watch out; you'll get sick of me! :)