Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Note worthy Moment

Something absolutely hilarious happened last night. Before I begin, remember, I'm in college.

Once upon a time there were two girls sitting around in their dorm room. It was growing late, and both knew they should be doing homework but unfortunately exhaustion had caught up with them and both were watch tv on their computers.
Suddenly, out of the blue, there was a thud on the window. One of the girls looked up, but didn't think much of it. Because, being a college student she had grown accustomed to strange things happening every night at midnight.
When the thud sounded again the two girls looked at each other before racing to the window. They pulled the blinds up with a quick, sure movement to reveal six boys standing on the grass below. At the sight of the two girls the six began to mutter amongst themselves.
"You have the wrong window, don't you?" Inquired one of the girls.
"Yeah...." One of the boys yelled up in an abashed voice. "Do you want some black licorice?"
The maidens declined the offer and closed the blinds, barely restraining their laughter. When the boys were gone they broke into a fit of laughter that lasted nearly ten minutes.
In the distance they could hear the boys trying the next window over, to no avail. The girls realized they would remember this moment forever and both decided to blog about it.
The End

There, wasn't that a great story? I thought it was wonderful. It made my week. Hope you all have a great week too! Don't let your head fall too far out of the clouds, no matter how busy you get.

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