Sunday, September 25, 2011

General Relief Socity Broadcast and the virtues of Skype

Last night I watched the Relief society broadcast. It was my first one, seeing as how a year ago I was still in Young Women's. The Spirit was really strong through the whole meeting. I loved how much they talked about visiting teaching. I can't wait until we get our assignments here. I have been excited about it for months. Sadly in the summer there was only time for one visit so we didn't really develop friendships through it. I'm also hoping that the girls who visit me will be eager and wanting to be friends just as much as I am.
The broadcast got me all excited for General Conference next week. Already my apartment has been invited to go to another apartment and watch it there. Apparently they have a nice TV. I have no problems with this. I bet there will be lots of yummy food. There always is at gatherings such as this, especially ones involving lots of teenagers. Well, young adults now I guess. That's a weird idea.
Skype is my new best friend. You know, besides my best friend. I have talked to my parents multiple times and a couple of friends from back home and every time has been so much fun. It's amazing how much of a difference seeing someones face can be. It makes it feel more natural than texting or even talking on the phone. I love technology. I can't imagine having to just write letters to my family. What happens when something big and exciting happens in my life? It would be awful knowing that my family wouldn't know for weeks because the news had to travel through snail mail.
I am very much so part of a generation expecting instant gratification.
The leaves in the trees are starting to change colors up in the mountains. I'm extremely excited about this, fall is my favorite season by far. It's starting to cool down but isn't actually cold yet, so no blistering hot days and no freezing cold days. And its generally less wet than spring. And all the trees are so gorgeous. I would love to get married in the fall, but if I don't then it's not going to break my heart. But it is a very pretty picture. Alon g with the picture in this post. Its my current wallpaper actually.
Enjoy your fall and wish me luck on my two midterms this week!


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  2. I love skype too! And I am pretty excited that your parents have skype now! Let me add an amen to your picture "killer stairs." I used to daydream of an escalator there.


  3. I figured out how to make a comment on your blog... through your account. I laughed out loud about the guy and his computer. I can see myself doing that very same thing. Can't help but feel bad for the guy. Good times.

    The licorice incident is funny too. Love it, keep em comin.