Friday, September 16, 2011

Funny moment

I'm in the library and the funniest thing just happened. I have to post about it before I forget. This guy sat down at a table next to mine and turned on his computer. He must have been listening to music earlier because it began to blast out of his computer. He panicked and hit a bunch of buttons but it didn't turn off for whatever reason. So, he closed it. The music still played. And this wasn't classical, light, library music. It was rock. He stuffs the computer in his backpack, but of course everyone can still hear it. At this point I'm pretty sure everyone was watching him, and he knew it. The poor guy pulls his laptop back out, reaches across the table to his friends computer, yanks out his headphones and sticks them in his computer.
I was having a very hard time not laughing. Both boys were incredibly embarrassed.It pretty much made my day. I love the little quirks of college life.

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