Monday, September 19, 2011

College funnies once again

Before I tell my funny moment for this week (they seem to be happening a lot. I love it), I want to introduce the new section to my blog. You probably noticed the picture of stairs to the right of this post. From now on I will occasionally put up pictures from my college life. Unfortunately, I won't be putting up pictures of people. Violation of privacy and all that stuff. But I will put up funny or cool things. This picture is actually neither of those. It is death. I climb these stairs every day. There are over 100 of them if I counted right. I hate those stairs.
But back to my funny moment. In my American Heritage class the professor was trying to do an object lesson about economies. He had a box of donuts and was going to sell them to the highest bidder. I thought it was a very clever idea, but that isn't what was funny. The crazy part was how much the box went for. I'm sure its a record. Are you ready for this?
For 12 stinkin' donuts. I think that's ridiculous. There are plenty of places on and around campus where this particular student could have gone to get the exact same donuts for like $5. I was floored. So was the professor. He was pretty excited (and a little guilty) about getting so much money for them. I don't understand how a college student felt they could spend that much on donuts.
She must have been very, very hungry.

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