Thursday, October 6, 2011

October begins with a bang

I bet your wondering what that bang is. General Conference, of course! It was fantastic. So fantastic that I don't exactly know what I can say about it. The Spirit was strong and time flew as I listened to the righteous leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. For the Sunday sessions I went to my aunts house. Her son/my cousin picked me up on his motorcycle. I fully enjoyed this.

We ate lots of yummy food and I helped make a delicious Oreo dessert. You know, one of those treats that's horribly fattening but tastes so good you don't really care? Yep, it was that good. Not that I'm generally very concerned about how bad something is for me.
This week we've had the first turn for cold weather. It's been raining for the last two days. Yesterday I had to ride my bike home in the rain, which wasn't very fun. But I felt fortunate compared to the people who had to walk home without a jacket or umbrella. When they passed my apartment I felt awful, and if I'd had hot chocolate I would have made up a quick batch and ran some out to the poor souls.
So to avoid the bikey-rainyness (yes, I just made up a cool word) I got a ride from my roommate this morning and I'll walk home tonight. And I brought an umbrella. The only thing wrong with this picture is that my best friend isn't walking home with me too. And that I don't have rain boots. I've decided these would be a good thing to have. I am hoping to one day soon fulfill this dream of mine.

And tonight, I am buying hot chocolate. Its pretty much my all time favorite part of cold weather. It makes all the yuckiness less yucky.
Which, speaking of new words, I just made up another one. I decided I needed something besides roommate-cousin to call my roommate-cousin. So from now on (if I can remember) I will be calling her roomizn. I enjoy this, very much.
Oh, and I promise to post about the next book I read. It might be a while, I haven't done much beyond school work and Hulu lovin' (aka watch useless tv shows) for a while. Generally when I have free time I'm too exhausted to do much else.
Have a good day! Hope you don't get stuck in some nasty weather.

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