Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pie and books

I have a lot I could post about. Let's see how much actually gets transferred from my head to paper. Well, computer.
First off, I'm home!!! It's for two very short weeks, but that will be enough to re-energize my energizer bunny and get me pumped for fall semester. As much as I enjoyed school, its so nice to be home and be surrounded by familiar faces.
I spent most of my birthday with my family. We hiked to a waterfall with a pool and messed around in the water for a couple hours. It was nice to be out in the wilderness and not in an urban area. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed the woods until I was stuck in a city.
Later that night I went to a friends house to watch a movie. I was very excited seeing as how most of these people I hadn't seen for about two months and who knows when I'll see them again after these two weeks. Well, I could tell the guys were up to something. They kept whispering in tight little circles like a bunch of 6th grade girls. When two of them disappeared outside I was sure it was to decorate my car. I'd done it to them before after all, so it wasn't like I didn't deserve it. When one of my friends said I should go look out the front window I took that to mean they were done.
I was very surprised when I walked around the corner and ended up finding a pie in my face. So surprised it took me a second to even realize what had happened. And I was blind. It's quite difficult to see through whip creme, just so you know. Luckily they didn't waste a good pie on my face, it was just whip creme.
What makes it even funnier was not only did they get pie all over me, but themselves, the stairs, the floor, and into the next room. I think I was laughing the hardest out of everyone. While the boys cleaned up the mess I went into a bathroom and rinsed my hair out the best I could. They offered to take me home so I could clean up better, but I didn't want to miss any of the fun so I just pushed my soggy hair out of my face and enjoyed the movie. It wasn't until I got home that I saw how greasy my hair was. It shone. It was a very memorable and amazing birthday.
Since I've been home I read a book that was highly recommended by another friend. The Hourglass Door is now one of my favorite books of all time. To make it even better, its part of a series. This book made me laugh, cry, angry, exasperated, happy, confused, conflicted, concerned, fall in love, the whole range of emotions. It's been a long time since I cried in a book, so if it can make me cry that's saying something. I had actually seen this book before and read the back cover, but that doesn't do the book justice. It doesn't show you how emotionally attached I became to this book. This is right up there with The Queen of Attolia in my book. For those of you that don't know me very well, that is saying a LOT. So I'm begging you. Please read it.

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