Sunday, September 6, 2009

School News

So far I really like my schedule. My AP history class so far is really hands on, I've met some cool people in French, my math teacher dosen't assign homework (?!?!? not sure I like that) my english teach is... hard to describe and my chem teach I had for one semester last year and he's lots of fun. The first day of school he blew something up. I like to describe him as a nerdy science teacher with ADHD. It fits perfectly. So far it looks like I won't be getting a lot of homework, though I will be forcing myself to do some on my own in math. Thankfully our textbook has all the odd answers in the back so I can check if I'm doing the work right. We had a begining of the year assembly and that was fun. They had a guy from each grade stand on a block of ice and see who lasted longest. The junior jock who went up gave up quickly (of course. sigh...) and the soph. guy, who is totally awesome and fun to hang out with won. He stayed on that ice almost the entire assembly. Go Mckay!! Thinking about how cold his feet must have been makes me shiva.
Katelyn, BreAnne and I have been walking home. Katelyn comes about half way like last year.
Seminary starts on tuesday, I'm very excited. We're doing the B.O.M this year and I can't wait!!!
I've been reading the Odessy and I'm really enjoying it. I tried to start it a few months ago and lost intrest. I decided to start it again at the end of summer, knowing that my english teacher would probably require reading and probably at least a few classics, so I decided to start my homework early. ;) I'm still not very far into it, but I'm plowing along.
My trek family had a little reunion a few weeks ago. It was really great to see everyone again. We're having a fireside and dance this saturday and it's supposed to be about the trek. I can't wait!! Its been way too long since the last dance. And now I have more skirts to choose from. I just hope they don't try to do a reinactment of the square dancing on the trek. That was way too confusing for my simple teenager mind. he he he :)
Today in church it was freezing! The had the a/c on like it was 90 degrees outside, when it was probably more like 60-70. Everyone who had blankets in their car went out and got them. One of my friends had like four in her car and grabbed them all. Katelyn and I shared one, it was sooo nice. When I got home I put on my winter pj pants and slippers to warm up. I hope they don't keep the a/c on like that next week.


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  2. Your comments about high school bring back lots of memories. Enjoy it while you can!