Sunday, November 15, 2009


Best of EFY was so much fun! We went to one is Spokanne. On the drive up we watched 27 Dresses which was pretty cute. There were 3 speakers and I really liked them all. Two of them were really funny. Even though one of them wasn't, his talk was still really good. They told lots of stories. I wish I could have made a recording of their talks, I would totally put them on my ipod. Thats the thing I love about EFY and other youth fireside thing-a-ma-bobs. They are directed at the youth and so they try to make it really interesting for us. They are always so funny and so spiritual. I love it.
The dance was really cool too. There were a ton of slow songs which was ok I guess. And a lot of line dances. I didn't do most of them, just my fav two. I danced with a lot of guys. I love meeting new guys. :D The DJ had a very different selection of music than we have at our dances. Which isn't suprizing. It was kinda nice to have some new stuff, but I like to sing along with the songs as I dance and I didn't know a lot of them, so it felt kinda weird not to sing. I was dying of heat though. I was really dumb. Its snowy here so automaticlly I dressed for cold weather. So I wore a turtleneck sweater. So yeah, I was hot. I was really sweaty. Ew :P
Debs is comming up and I'm excited and nervous. I bought my dress the other day and have it all figured out how I'm going to ask this guy. I'm just asking him as friends, but it's still nerveracking. Katelyn and I are asking on tuesday. Wish us luck! My dress is a dark purple with a black sash and black designs. If I get some cute picts i'll post them on facebook or on here.
Oh! And another big thing happened to me this weekend. I chopped my hair off! Its only at shoulder length now. It makes me look a lot older, Its kinda weird. I love it though! I kept my bangs and got layers again. If I get a chance sometime I'll post some pictures.
Annica, Jenna and I have been working on a song for Nates babtism. Its turning out sounding really cool. I hope it sounds good then too. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving weekend. I just love turkey day, and its Nate's b-day and then his babtism. And no school!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait. Though I'll probably have a lot of homework. I'm trying to forget that part.

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  1. Please post pics of your haircut. Sounds cute. Also, can't wait to see you in your dress.