Sunday, December 6, 2009


So last night was debs. And I promised Lora I would blog about it. Not only was it a girls ask guys dance (scary!) but it was my first day (scarier!!). It went really well though. We ate pancakes before the dance and those were yummy. We did have some slightly awkard silences, but we all admitted it and recognized that everyone was nevous, so it was ok. I doubled with Katelyn which made it a LOT easier. There was a lot less sitting there and staring at each other than their could have been. Katelyn's mom took lots of pict of the couples, and mom took some of me alone before I left. They should be on her FB, so Ill get them from her and put the best one as my profile picture for those who don't have a FB. At the dance we stayed in our little corner so we were able to avoid most of the dirty dancing. There was this one guy though.... he was nasty. And kept staring in our general direction. *shiver*. UM.......... my dress was really pretty. I really liked it. I went into the date really nervous and scared, but ended up having a good time. I'm very much so ok with not having dates every weekend. That would be stressfull.

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  1. LOL; oh Kelsey you're the cutest thing on the face of the earth. I'm glad you went; I love that you loved your dress; and I'm glad you blogged about it! Thanks for sharing.