Thursday, July 30, 2009

Retainer/plastic spoon, online classes and skirts

So yea I've decided my plastic retainer is a PAIN!!! Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have it instead of my braces. But it really does feel like a plastic spoon is in my mouth all day. I end up sucking on it. EW!! I ate my first whole apple in two years today. When my Mom saw me she kinda chuckled at how I was eating it. I was taking really tiny bites cause it felt sooo wierd to eat something like that. Glad I can do it though!!
I've been working on my online class a lot latley. I actually finished a unit today, so it's going by really fast. I'll be done by the time school starts.
Mom, Annica and I have been working on making Annica and I skirts. We went and spent forever diliberating over a pattern and fabrice the other day. Annica got this really cute white fabric with dasies "drawn" in black and she's going to have a top piece be black. Mine is a red skirt with a large floral print. I love red shoes and skirts and accesories. This is a very sudden thing, no idea why either.
The other day I borowed my friend's movie Wait Untill Dark with Audry Hepborn (spelling???)All my friends have seen it, so I've heard all about the scariest part of the movie. I was waiting for it the entire time, and I still jumped when it happened. Mom screamed. I think that scared me as much as the movie.
I just realized like 5 minutes ago what day it is today. Its 14 days 'till my b-day. I was totally shocked. I haven't really been thinking about it. Which is crazy seeing I've dreamed of turning 16 since I was like 12. Wow. I know one thing for sure. I'll either end up going on lots of boring dates because no one can come up with anything creative, or really crazy cool ones. I guess I'll find out!
A few of my friends and me are planning on putting on an LDS prom this year. I went to homecomingn this last year and I have to say I hated it. And I do want to go to prom, just not the school's. So we are getting a group together and putting a prom on ourselves. I'm very excited. And kinda have a feeling I've blogged about this before.....


  1. Congrats on the first apple. yay for your upcoming birthday and way cool to have your own prom!

  2. congratulations on getting your braces off!!!!! I will be getting mine on this August 25. They say it will be for about two years. Any hints on how to do braces?

    Your blog looks wonderful.