Sunday, October 25, 2009

We lost

We lost. And it wasn't a gracefull loss either. It was like 0- 37 or something. :'( Too bad. It was a fun game though!! Afterwards some of us came home to my house and watched a movie that I cannot remember the name of right now.....
This weekend was very needed. I feel so much better! I actually feel prepared for this next week. I think I need to spend more time with my friends during the weekend. Katelyn did a piano solo in sacarement meeting today. It went really well, and I think I was as nervous, if not more so, than she was. Today all the talks were short and by the ward council. They talked about their favorite confrence talks. Almost all of them mentioned Jeffery R. Holland's on the B.O.M. That was one of my favorites too. I loved how he spoke with so much emotion.
Today I was online and found some sheet music by Mom's fav. pianist. And they had a free song for downloading this month! So of course I printed it off. Its kinda fun to play, and I might by some music from him later. The guy's name is Brian Crain. You should look him up. I like him too, and I normally don't like the kind of music my mom likes.


  1. The movie was Everything You Want

  2. Good advice. Take time to relax and just have fun. School will always be there when you're don'e having fun.