Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Weekend

I love weekends so much, it gives me a chance to sleep in compared to my usual 5:45. Yuck. I guess compared to most kids who have seminary thats not too bad. I'm glad our's starts at 7 not 6. My friends that aren't members think I'm crazy. Seminary is too amazing to miss. Not even for a million bucks.
I have a little project I've been working on and don't really have time during the week, so its nice to have a chance on the weekend. I carry it around with me almost everywhere and pull it out whenever I have time, but that's not often. I actually just started doing that recently, even though I've been working on this for a long time. I went about a year without ever touching it. One day I pulled it out and just starting looking through it again and decided to keep working on it. I would say what it is, but I'm still very private about it. Not many people have even looked at it. ( I hide it when I work on it) When I'm finished (NOT IF. I keep telling myself that.) I'll tell everyone about my project. But its kinda neve wracking to talk about it right now.
My ACT scores should come in a few weeks, I can't wait. The sooner the better. I'm very nervous about it still. My friend had me listen to this song my Owl City called Dental Care. I think it's kinda funny, everyone should look it up. (ESPECIALLY you Katelyn! It's your kind of song, even though you don't like Owl City.) I really enjoy owl city's music its good stuff to listen to when doing homework. Its slow enough that it doesn't take all your attention, but still fun to listen to when its not background music. The cool thing is it's one guy and he does all the stuff by himself. Its synthesised, but I don't mind, its creative music.

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