Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day and stuff

The results for the ACT take about 5-8 weeks. Its going to be a long 5-8 weeks. Today for V day the parentals gave each of the kids a small box of chocolates and we are sharing a big one. It was very nice of them. Last night they went on a date to some chineese place. Last night I had a dance. I love dances, I love to dance. Every dance I get told my one of my friends that I dance wierd. Whatever, I don't really care. I just love to dance. The guys were kinda lame and had a hard time asking. I actually danced with guys more than usual but I think thats because I asked guys a few times instead of not really caring. I went to Spokanne during the day and got a cute skirt and some skinny jeans. My first pair. I really like them. I almost got a bommer jacket, but because the skirt cost so much I didn't. I kinda regret it now because it was really cheap and I've always wanted one. Sigh. Oh well, I can survive without a cute leather jacket.
This winter has been very mild, I love it. It felt very springish this weekend. Its raining today, but yesterday it was really warm. I can't wait for it to permanatly warm up. I'm glad the weather changes because it would get boring to always have it be really warm or cold. But that doesn't mean I like winter. As a little kid I did but I do not like being cold. So bring on spring, I'm so ready!

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