Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Near Witch

I only had a few quick minutes to grab something when I was at the library yesterday. I grabbed the first book that had an interesting description. The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab was one of these books. I have to say, I was somewhat disappointed. The main character, Lexi, was interesting and the writing style was very lyrical and fun. But the story was very predictable and Lexi was almost the only interesting character. Her counter part, a boy named Cole, was the other interesting person. Honestly,  I was more interested in his life than hers. The book could have been much better if it didn't have one of my pet peeves of fiction. Romance sprung out of nowhere. I had no problem with the romance side of the story, except there was very little lead up to it. The characters barely knew each other and suddenly they are falling in love? The book was long enough that there could have been more realistic development of this side of the story. If this little romance had been left out and the two characters had ended the book as friends, maybe even friends with a hint of something more down the road, it would have been a better book.
On the upside, I really like the cover.


  1. Okay seriously when are you going to join goodreads.com. I read this book too. You can read my review here. I agree with everything but the cover. I disliked the cover. I didn't like how the front and back covers didn't really even go together and I thought the cover was outdated. Anyway good review. I completely agree!

  2. I read this book too... it very nice and so interesting to read..

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