Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friends And Foes review

This book is by Sarah M. Eden. It's one of those books you settle down with for a day, either cozy by the fire with a big cup of hot chocolate or out on the beach while you work on your tan. Unfortunately, I was doing neither while I read this book, but I still fully enjoyed it. The main character, Philip Jonquil, does a wonderful job of narrating the story. We get into his head and see things from his perspective, but at times we are still distant enough to see things he does not. Philip is a French spy hunter for the English and he has one more spy he needs to catch before he can be released from his duty. He is at a family reunion of sorts for Christmas and has some very interesting adventures.  His counter character, Sorrel, is also lots of fun. She holds her own while still having insecurities and fears. Both characters are complex and move the story forward themselves instead of being plopped into situations and reacting. It's not extremely complex and a little (ok, a lot) predicable, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the story.

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