Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy V-day!

This week has been lots of fun. The girls b ball team had two district games this week. Sadly they lost the last game and so couldn't go to state, but going to the games was lots of fun. After the game on thursday we all came to my house and played spoons. It was so much fun and even got athletic we were so competitive.
Yesterday we had a ward temple trip and then a dance. It was the first temple trip this school year so I was really excited to go. Annica was feeling sick and so couldn't go. After the temple we went to Old Country Buffet. Not the most amazing place to eat, but its better then not eating at all. A few cars went to the dance and a few home. We were about an hour late to the dance. It was kinda scary. We drove up to the church and there were only two cars. We drove around to the other side of the building hoping there were more cars. Everyone sighed in relief when we saw all the other cars. It was a really fun dance and I met lots of sweet guys. One was really, really sweet. My friends and I were standing twoards the edge of the room and this guy walked up. There were some leaders standing by us so I thought he was a leader going to talk with someone. But then my friends tapped me on the shoulder and it was a guy holding a flower. In a really shy voice he told me it was for me. I was really suprized and flattered. It was so sweet. I hope everyone else had just as amazing of a valentines day as I did!!


  1. Whoo hoo. Does this "sweet guy" have a name? Glad you had a good Valentines.

  2. How cute is that?! I'm with Maria; what's his name? Is he in your stake? :) Glad you had a great time. I hope Annica came make it next time. Give your family loves and yes, my valentine's day was a great one. :)