Tuesday, March 24, 2009

School Evacuation!!!!

My school was evacuated today during lunch because of a bomb threat. It cut out the end of our lunch and most of our class afterwards. So it was like a really long lunch. Pretty cool. :) I wasn't worried about the threat at all. My guess is it was a senior who had been joking about it earlier, got high and then called. Its about the season for senior pranks anyways. This is just a really dumb and big one for someone to pull. If it was a student that is. The call was from a park near the school. The administration (oooo, big word. lol) told us that is was a male and they have reason to belive a student. I just hope it blows over soon and feel bad for whoever was dumb enough, or messed up enough, to call. The school district is pressing as many charges as it can. So yeah, that was my day. Pretty big thing so I decided to share. Have a good week!!!

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