Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter 7 Part one

I went and saw this at the midnight release with my friends. Well, 12:10. The theater was having two showings. My parents thought I was crazy for wanting to go wait in line for longer than the movie's span on a school night. But, since I'm a senior (scary!) they decided to let me make my own choice about it. So I went. What teenager would miss out on that opportunity! It's a whole experience of its own to see a movie late at night.
We waited in line playing scum and munching on candy and ice cream. Not that you munch on ice cream. It was more like slurping ice cream flavored liquid after a while. But still yummy. The line grew behind us until the moment when the doors opened letting us in to watch the much anticipated movie. Our group hurried so that we could all sit together. We took up a whole row. A few of us promptly sat down on the floor to play Uno, one of the best games ever invented. We sang to a commercial too. It played 9 times before the previews started, according to a very annoyed friend. Our poor town is so small that it has only like 5 commercials. So every time you go to a movie its the same ones. This particular one has a catchy tune where a guy is surrounded my moving furniture, ending in a random smile/laugh close up of the guy. Strange. But entertaining to sing to.
Harry potter was a good movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had been afraid that it would end abruptly or on an annoying cliff hanger like Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I didn't like the next one anyways. But HP did a wonderful job of ending suspensefuly without making you want to throw your phone through the screen. I wonder if anyone has ever done something like that. It would be very entertaining, but only if it was at the end of the movie. I would be annoyed if they did it at the beginning. I doubt the manager would be as entertained as I.

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