Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stormy night

Last night was very stormy. Strong, fast winds, rain, and I think hail. It woke me up actually. In my fuzzy sleep-deprived mind I wondered what would happen if my window blew in. At first I thought I would run out of the room and shut the door. But, wait, I realized all my things would be ruined. I love my books too much for that. So I imagined myself holding my blankets up against he broken window for the rest of the night. Strange thoughts, I know. This was running through my head at 2 in the morning.
I had just started to fall asleep again when a friend texted me. He was letting me know that he wouldn't be going to seminary the next morning (we carpool) because of the late night. I was annoyed and looked at my clock (don't ask me why.) my clock was dead. The power was out. So I set my phone alarm.
Five in the morning another friend texts and asks if my power is back on yet. I don't reply. I'm trying to SLEEP!!!!!! It's not working so well.
5:45 (my normal wake up time) I get into the shower and text her back. Yes my power is on, yes it is flickering. As I am blow drying my hair ANOTHER person texts me, saying that school is canceled. I run up stairs to the computer to see if this is true. Rumors and all. I open the laptop. Lights go off. Darn.
I sit around for a while, hoping its only a flicker and they will turn back on. Nope, they stay off. I text a few friends to see if they know if we have school. The only place I have service is on the fourth step of my stairs. No idea why. I get the no school confirmed and thankfully crawl back into bed.
6:30. I get text after text telling me school is out. Yeah. yipee. Who hoo. NOW LET ME SLEEP!!!!!
I eventually slept in until 9.
Oh the joy of texting.
Moral of the story: this is EXACTLY why I normally turn my phone off at night.

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