Sunday, November 7, 2010

Woolley life

Today we had Stake Conference. It was a wonderful meeting, the spirit was very strong. The visiting authority was very interactive compared to a normal story. He had the stake pres. call teen boys from the audience to read the scripture story of Meshak, Shadrack and Abindago (spelling is probably very different) and then talk about it a little bit. I did feel bad for the boys though, they looked very nevous. I started getting nervous myself, thinking he might call up some girls too. He had the stake president do something too along with his wife. It was a little bit of an unorthadox talk, but it was very good, he kept everyone's interest.
We spend the weekend at a basketball tournament for Annica's team. They played pretty well. Between two of her games all the kids but Annica (she had to stay with the team) went to see Megamind. It was a cute movie with a good moral, something that always surprises me a little seeing as how bad most movies are. I suggest seeing it to those who love a good cartoon.

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