Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dramatic Entrance.... sort of

So yesterday I gave blood. I think its a wonderful thing to do. It makes a difference in a small way compared to the world, but a big difference to one person and their family. And in my mind, its the individuals who count.
Ok, so back from my blood rant. (I promise, I'm not a vampire. Promise.) Apparently my blood pumps really slow. Like really slow. It took me 14 minutes. Yikes. That's a long time to sit there with a needle stuck in your arm. By the time they filled up the little test tubes my arm was freezing and starting to look purple. I tried to not freak out. I succeeded.
I felt fine..ish for the rest of the school day. Tired and cold, but not terribly sick. Until about the last 45 minutes of school, then I started to feel awful. So I went straight to bed after school and stayed their until dinner.
So here's how it happened: My little sister Jenna came downstairs and told me it was time to eat. I slowly climbed out of bed and went up the stairs. Standing in the kitchen I decided it was time the little red bandage/gauze thing came off, it was driving me insane. So I took it off. They gave me a little alcohol patch to clean off the iodine underneath the gauze and I started having serious issues opening the package. I ripped it open but I couldn't actually open it. I was feeling really dizzy and it kept getting worse, so I said so and leaned against a near by wall.
The next thing I know my mom is helping me roll over and saying "No she is not alright!".
I was very disoriented for what felt like a long time. I ended up crying and all my other siblings sat at the table in mute, frozen horror.
Needless to say, I did not feel very good.
I skipped school today. I was still so pale that the first thing Mom said when I came upstairs for breakfast was "You are NOT going to school today". I'm never going to argue against a statement like that, so I didn't say anything. I was really pale. I looked half dead, and felt it too.
Luckily this story has a happy ending. I feel perfectly fine now. Ta da! It's amazing how quickly the body can heal itself.
Now that I have experienced fainting I NEVER want to do it again. I wouldn't recommend it, as romantic as it might sound to some. Its stinkin' scary when you wake up.
To say the least, it was a dramatic night.

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