Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jr. Miss

So quite a few of my friends preformed in Junior Miss last night. Of course I went to encourage them, even thought it was four hours of watching girls do a fitness routine, self expression (answer a question) and talent. All of my friends did a wonderful job, and one even got second place! I'm very proud of all of them, they all looked beautiful.
But, I have to make a side comment to the night that makes me giggle. The program changed its name this year to Distinguished Young Women. Imagine saying that in a snooty British accent. Now you see why it makes me snicker. No one but those running the program call it by its true name, a testament to the fact that people are stubborn when it comes to change, even the little things. Humans are so silly.
As for the rest of my life, everything is going well. In my Lit class we are reading two dystopian novels, so of course both of them are going to be on the depressing side. My teacher has a... dark sense of humor. But not like evil dark. I'm not sure exactly how to describe him, so I'll stop trying. Anyways, we are reading The Handmaids Tale and Brave New World. So far I'm part of the way through The Handmaids Tale. It's not my type of book at all. I'm not into the whole "life stinks because the world is a big, fat mess" type of book. Well, now that I think about it, it's more that the government has become too controlling, not chaotic. But still. Not my favorite book.
I just tell myself that it's a good experience and that it's good to broaden my horizons.
It's strange, because this school year is quickly reaching it's end. Yet.... it snowed last night. In March. Mother Nature just LOVES to play games with us up here. Luckily the snow has all disappeared, but it will probably snow again before spring officially happens. But my tulips and daffodils are starting to peek up, so that's a good sign. It's going to be very sad to leave my garden when I go off to school. I just managed to get all the plants that I wanted planted last year. Except for some more bulbs. I would love to plant some crocus this fall, but I will be long gone. Sad.
So a few of my friends and I have been watching this BBC tv show called Merlin. It's a little on the cheesy side, but we all three love it. It takes the legends of King Arthur and Merlin and mixes them all together, throwing in some new stuff along the way. I've always loved Arthur's story and it's fun to try and guess what's going to happen in the next episode. We've taken to watching a few every weekend since we have to use a disk since none of us have BBC. Though I've heard it's on the Sci-Fi channel too, which makes absolutely no sense. It's all about magic in old medieval times... and its on a channel dedicated to futuristic sciencey stuff. Hm. Whatever floats they're boat I guess. So if your ever in the mood for an adorkable guy, go watch Merlin. He's pretty funny.

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