Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coffee shops

You know, coffee shops are actually really nice places to hang out. Until this year I hadn't ever been in one. It's not that shocking, seeing as how I'm Mormon. You know, the whole no coffee thing.
Should I call coffee shops cafe's? I have no idea.
But anyways, my friends and I went there for an informal meeting today, like we've been doing for a while. They have such a relaxing feel. Like a library, but without little kids. And more seats. I really enjoyed it.
In fact, they're a lot like I imagined the little bookstore I planned on opening when I was younger. Yes, I wanted to have a small business. I still think it would be fun, but my realistic side won't let me get into such an iffy career. I need something a little more dependable. Too many small businesses fail too often. It's kind of sad really. Crushed dreams and all that.
So I'll keep this little bookstore in my imagination. Who knows, maybe I'll be very successful (or my future husband will be) and I'll be able to have a mini library room for myself. Or a bookstore.
The likelihood of that is very, very tiny. But it's fun to dream.
That's what life's all about, isn't it?
At least for this girl it is.

So, completely changing the subject... (it's my specialty) I noticed that I have another follower. Congrats for joining the crew! Honestly, I'm floored that anyone even clicked the little button to follow. I'm not sure why anyone but blood relatives and very dedicated friends would want to pay attention to my random ramblings... but I'm flattered. It makes me smile.

Yesterday I looked through a Seventeen magazine with a few of my friends. The same ones from the coffee shop-cafe. We like to make fun of the adds and horoscopes in silly magazines. And the crazy eyeliner. Did you know that the model people are wearing crazy shades like bright orange eyeliner? And really thick too.
I think they look like aliens. Seriously, it's a little freaky. Very futuristic. I was hoping to miss the futuristic fashion by a couple hundred years, so I hope it never catches on with anyone outside of a magazine.
But anyways, my real story. I was surprised to discover that I actually read some of the articles! It was an edition on hair, and I found some of the style ideas cute. And I was feeling a little wave/curly hair envy. Mine never turn out very nice. So I felt like I should give Seventeen a small congrats for adding something in their magazine that I could actually take seriously.
*small clap*There, I'm done. If you read this whole post and understood it, congratulations.

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