Sunday, February 19, 2012

Church and movie reviews

For her class one of my roommates had to go visit a different church, and she's always wanted to visit a Baptist Church. All of us in our apartment decided to go with her, just to see what other churches are like. I was curious too, I've been learning about Islam in my civilization class and realized how similar some things are to Christian religions. I hadn't realized.  But we went to a local Baptist church, and it was a very different experience from going to and Latter-Day Saint service. Good in its own way, but very different. We managed to make the last 1.5 hours of our meetings and that was very nice. I  missed not going to Sacrament Meeting, but I am very glad we were able to go to half of church.
Last night I had a very fun time with some friends. We were going to see Sherlock Holmes 2 (I can't remember what it's real name is) at the dollar theater but it was sold out. Figures. It was a Friday night in a big college town. Instead we came back to the guys' apartment and watched the first episode of the BBC TV series Sherlock. (Quick review: Written by Steven Moffat= fantastic show.) My roommate and I have been watching the series for a while now but it was nice to see the first episode again. And I have to say, the guys I was  hanging out with did  wonderful British accent impersonations.
Oh! I have something to apologize for. I haven't been reviewing movies/books lately. This is partially because I haven't been watching/reading as much since I'm so busy. I think I should start doing TV shows since I do watch those every once in a while. But the exciting news is I do have a review for you! It's on a movie called The Stone of Destiny. You can find it on Netflix instant watch. It's about these Scottish people who don't like being part of the UK. Apparently there's this big stone called the Stone of Destiny that the old kings would sit on while crowned and it was this huge ritual thing, very important. So this group of people decide to steal the stone out of a museum. And that's all I'll say plot-wise. It was a fun movie and based on a true story. It's kind of amazing how much the characters get away with. I thought it was well directed, and I could feel the Scottish patriotism even though I'm not Scottish at all. Overall I do think it's worth your time if you have a couple hours and want a movie that is light-hearted but still noble.
And, surprise, surprise! I have a second movie to review. His Girl Friday with Carry Grant (who happens to be one of my favorite actors). I had to watch it for a class a couple of weeks ago. It's a comedy and in black and white. I'm sorry if you can't handle a b&w, they have a certain class to them that modern movies don't. All the actors did a good job with their parts, the movie was directed so that everyone had to talk fast, something I think would be hard to do as an actor. I really enjoyed the movie.  It helps that I love Carry Grant. His character wasn't my favorite person, but he did a good job with the part and making it funny. Now that I think about it, I actually don't like any of the people in the movie. They're all incredibly selfish. But that's what makes it funny. I know I give positive reviews about pretty much everything, but I do it because I do actually like the things I put on here. I guess I'm just lucky to like a lot of stuff? 

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