Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly humiliation

Humiliating myself has always been a fact of my life. I did it about once a day in high school. Thankfully the number of times I do something dumb has gone down significantly since coming to college. I think its because I'm no longer surrounded my a certain group of friends that somehow always manage to get me to say dumb things. That or scare me to death just by poking me in the side.
Last night I humiliated myself once again. I was going to have a fantastic expensive (for me) dinner to celebrate that the week was almost over. I've had one of those insane college weeks where you're up until midnight doing homework and still just barely manage to stay on top of everything. So I was going to reward myself for staying alive and have three whole courses for dinner. A salad, lemon chicken, and rice. The salad turned out great, I ate it while working on getting the rest of my dinner ready. Well... about 20 minutes into my rice cooking my roommate asks me if I smell something burning. 
There was one problem with this question. I don't smell. I always tell people that my sense of smell non-existent. I can only smell food well enough to be able to taste it (I learned in 9th grade biology that part of how we taste food is by smelling it. I'm assuming this is correct.). We both rushed over to the stove and when I lifted the lid off my pan there was a black clump of rice sticking to the bottom of my pan. It started smoking when we took the lid off. 
This is my third time burning rice. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I honestly don't. I've made rice before at home, but for some reason it just doesn't turn out here. We quickly opened the windows to try to keep the smoke alarm from going off. After a couple minutes when it was still smoking I put water in the pan to let the rice soak and carried it outside to sit in front of our apartment for a few hours. 
When we came home today it still smelt funky in our apartment. This is what it looked like when we first set it outside:
I think I'm cursed. 

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