Friday, August 20, 2010

September first

It's the dreaded day, the one that is just over a week away. September first, the first day of school. Also my last first day of public school, my senior year. Scarrry.
So I just spent the last week at EFY with a friend. It was so much fun and I came home on a spiritual high. I'm so glad I could go, and that I went at the end of the summer. That way I can hopefully use that high to help me when school starts. Everything will still be pretty fresh. I made some really amazing friends and I'm trying to still stay in contact w/ them. Dad came and picked me up on the way to a cousin's reception. The wedding was army themed, something I wouldn't pick for myself. But they did a really good job of making it cute and hard core at the same time. It fit the couple. Congrats to them!
Oh, and Grandma: can you email or facebook or somehow tell me Marissa's blog URL? I can't remember and I want to make sure and actually look at it now. Thanks! :)

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