Friday, September 24, 2010

The curse of youth

Being young isn't that bad. Except that taste and opinion tastes change quickly. For example my URL. Three years ago, (or however long ago it was I created this blog) I thought the URL was pretty nifty. It was about me, loving books, and easy to remember.
Now, I think it's cheesy. And too long. I would love to simplify it, shorten it, sweeten it up a bit. I'm not sure exactly what to, but something.
I set a goal for myself today. Don't punch (gentle punches. It's a thing I do.) any of my friend. In mock annoyance or flirting. I had to narrow it down to one guy in particular. I couldn't do all of them, it was too hard to remember. And even then I slipped up twice. Sad. So, I'm doing it again tomorrow to try to break my habit. I gently sock them waaaay too often. It's how I express myself I guess. They think it's hilarious to watch me try. I'm the silly one. And I'm ok with that. Except for sometimes. So, no more punching. Maybe.

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