Thursday, March 1, 2012

A long overdue post on my adventures last weekend

I have been planning on this post since last Saturday and just haven't had the time. Well, I 've decided to make time. So there ninja homework and tutorial video. You'll just have to wait.
Last weekend was Stake Conference. For those who aren't LDS, it's basically just a really big church meeting, and there's an adult meeting Saturday night. I got a ride from one of my friends to the Saturday meeting. We were going to be late because we had to pick someone up from work, but we figured we could all be just a few minutes late.
Unfortunately, there were two basketball games in the area that night, and we got caught in traffic. And then somehow... we got totally and completely lost. The place we were going to wasn't very far, yet we ended up on the highway. So basically we came at the building from the opposite direction.
Guess how much of the conference session we made it to?
Twenty minutes.
It was an excellent twenty minutes.
We laughed about it the whole time, and thankfully we were on time to the session the next day. It was very spiritual, every speaker did a great job.

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  1. Hahahaha that's just how life is sometimes. 20 minutes of the 90+ that's pretty awesome. You're great for going on a Saturday night; I'm proud of you! Hope to see you tomorrow!