Sunday, January 4, 2009

School and Finals

School starts tomorrow and I'm am not looking forward to the homework and tests. Finals start in a week and I am still going to be brain dead from break. Annica's first day of YW was today. I think I was just as excited as Annica.
Because we weren't able to see family for New Year's I went to the dance. It was lots of fun even though they played way to much tecno. Before the dance there was a video that was sent out by the YM and YW general presidency. It had really good stuff in it but we were all cracking up. It was like the mormon version of High School Musical (one of the dumbest movies in the world by the way). I saw two people I know preforming which really exciting. One of them was a girl from EFY. She's the one that drank the goldfish. The other was a guy I went to school with in CO.

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  1. How fun--dance part! Good luck with school. I can't wait to see you!