Thursday, January 22, 2009

Second Semester

This semester isn't as bad as I thought. I started Wellness and even though I miss band, Its not as bad as I was imagining. I think I was remembering softball practices and imagining doing that in school every day. I do really miss band though. The locker rooms are right next to the band room so I can hear them warming up as I get dressed. Luckily I have time to go play at basketball games with the pepband. So I haven't completely abandoned the flute. :)
It was great to go to Parma. I got to see lots of relatives and baby Rowan. She is sooo cute!!!! I forgotten what new babies are like. Neiv had her birthday while we were up there. She has the prettiest curly hair. And Boston was running around all over the place. He is so active! Even though this semester isn't as bad as I feared, I still can't wait untill summer!!!!!!!!!


  1. I like you new background. Enjoy school while you can. It goes by faster than you think and then it's all boring grown up stuff.

  2. Fun new background! It was great to see you in Parma too. I'm glad the new semester isn't as bad as you were expecting--that's always a fun surprise! :)